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Do you offer and Investor-Targeting service/solution or support service to public traded companies?  If so, we want you on our platform. 

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Categories include, not limited to:

Capital Raising  - Conferences

Consulting & Advisory Services

Corporate Services - Database Marketing 

Digital Marketing - Editorial Content 

Investment Banking - Meetings & Road Shows

Investor Tours - Lead Generation

Market Making - News Dissemination

Newsletter Coverage - Phone Campaign

Podcast - Print Advertising - Radio

Research & Analyst Coverage - SEO

Social Media - Social Presentations

Video - Virtual Meetings

Website Development - Webinar



“Our goal is to send you business - you are our client.  Apart from the search tags, description & call-to-action buttons (soon) users view; all information provided, packages, fees, offers & proposals will be kept confidential – TRUST is how we OPERATE”

- Neil Lock, CEO of Connect2Investors



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